Cryopen Treatment

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The applicator is held as close as possible to the skin imperfection and moved quickly towards and away from it. This could be from 1-30 seconds, depending on the size and depth of the lesion. The CryoPen™ freezes at a rate of approximately 1mm per 5 seconds.

The CryoPen™ has taken 13 years to develop and is the most innovative, technologically advanced instrument in cryosurgery on the market today for the permanent removal of:

  • Freckles or dark, hyper pigmented lesions

  • Age/liver spots

  • Sebhorroeic Warts

  • Milia

  • Cherry angioma (red blisters)

  • Verrucas

  • Skin tags

Cryopen belle vous spa

This procedure will usually only take a few minutes. Our expert therapists will always provide you with a thorough consultation either before the treatment, or at a different time depending on your schedule.


Cryosurgery is the use of extreme cold produced by liquid nitrous oxide for the fast, effective and safe solution for the controlled destruction of unwanted skin imperfections.

The CryoPen™ is a FDA and CE registered advanced cryotherapy innovation. A pen-like instrument which delivers a fine pinpoint spray of liquid nitrous oxide at a constant temperature of minus-127 degrees under high pressure which allows the therapist to work with millimetre precision. This means the nitrous oxide is delivered directly to the treated area and not to the healthy surrounding tissue.

Is the CryoPen Suitable for all?

The CryoPen is a safe an effective treatment for all, from children to adults. Little to no skin preparation is needed; the treatment is quick with no aftercare required.

CryoPen Side effects

As the freezing element is applied you may experience mild discomfort. This treatment is recommended for use on children as well as adults, it is a safe and effective way to treat skin lesions within one session with no down time, the discomfort, if any, experience will be mild.

Having CryoPen treatment

The penetration into the tissue is at approximately 1mm per 5 seconds; therefore it will only take 10 seconds to treat a 2mm lesion, with no anaesthetic required. As the procedure is performed you may feel minor discomfort as the freezing takes place, however most people state this is not unpleasant more like a prickling sensation. The treatment provides a long, deep freeze resulting in a more effective treatment, with fewer repeat visits. Within approximately 3to 4 days you will notice a change in the treated area, between the seventh and tenth day the skin lesion should shed. Healing will then begin, after 3 weeks optimum results will be seen.

£199 – Five Lesions or Tags

£126 – Three Lesions or Tags

£47 – One Lesion or Tag

£60- One Wart  or Verruca or large skin tag