Parenie Massage Treatment


Parenie – Invigorating Thermal Treatment
Using leafy and fragrant bundles of birch, and eucalyptus twigs (called Venik) performed in a sauna while creating steam steam.
Venik massage boosts blood circulation, improves the immune system and relieves muscle tension & stress. 
This treatment is an excellent traditionalFinnish way of cleansing the skin in the sauna. Birch is known for it's healing properties and notably, the leaves of birch contain the ideal blend of saponins and tannins to create a healthy natural 'soap'.

Using a Birch sauna whisk is an ancient hygiene tradition and is highly regarded throughout Finland. Using the Vihta is particularly noted for creating an incomparable clean feeling following a sauna, especially when sauna bathing and whisking is combined with a cold shower. Using a vihta that is regularly dipped into cold water will provide cool, refreshing relief during the sauna bath

The contrast causes release of adrenalin and stress hormones and immense invigoration that follows. It boosts your blood circulation, relieves tension and stress and it’s a very good cardio-vascular exercise.