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Kick -start your body's metabolism with a detox lymphatic drainage treatment. 

Lakshmi massage treatment's, designed to stimulate the lymphatic drainage and improve your circulation, perfect for reducing puffiness and rid of  water retention & toxins.

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Additional LaKshmi Spa Invigorating Body Scrub with Any Massage

Our uplifting full-body treatment begins with dry skin brushing followed by a nourishing organic purifying, aromatherapy-infused Dead Sea salt body scrub, followed by an energising massage for total head-to-toe invigoration.

Additional £15.00 with any massage

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Luxury LaKshmi Spa Invigorating Body Scrub

Whether you’re off on a holiday or just want the luxury of extra-smooth skin, booking in for a full body exfoliation is the perfect pampering treatment to combat dry, dull skin and leave you with a serious glow. Followed by a rich firming body butter to rehydrate and sooth your skin leaving it glowing and vibrant.

30 min £30.00  

Add a Sauna to enhance your treatment for £8.00

Purifying LaKshmi Spa Back cleanse

De stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with the purifying and relaxing back treatment. A deep cleansing scrub sloughs of dead skin cells reading the skin for removal of toxins, allowing us to relax your muscles and help combat breakouts. Your hardest parts to reach will be cleansed, polished, exfoliated and moisturised.

30 min £35.00

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Belle vous spa & salon sauna heat

Belle Vous Body wrap           

Choose from a slimming detoxifying or hydrating body wrap. We begin with a mineral salt scrub to smooth away dulling surface debris while restoring vital nutrients to tired skin. We then use only belle Vous Spa botanical extracts and natural ingredients customised with aromatherapy oils within a thermal wrap to leave your skin feeling smooth and supple.

1 hour £78.00

De-Stress Sauna Time

A total drift away treatment that aids in restful sleep, relaxation and detox. Benefit from many health benefits while listening to soothing music, mood lighting and the sweet smells of aromatherapy.

Only £15.00 per person

Includes showers, towels, robes, slippers and refreshments.


Belle Vous Lakshmi Spa Deluxe Massage Treatment  

Before your journey begins the skin is brushed to exfoliate dead skin cells which will  increase blood flow and  promote the removal of toxins in the body. Then using selected blended luxury oils; you will begin your journey to complete relaxation with a total face, scalp and body massage. This treatment also includes an optional relaxing  facial cleanse, scrub, mask & moisturise to finish.

75 mins £70.00

Luxury LaKshmi Spa Muscle Release Art Reum

The aim of this extraordinary treatment is to defend your back in everyday life, to avoid aches or at least to reduce them, and to teach you how to look after yourself. This treatment offers step by step suggestions to teach you how to relax your body and regain muscle elasticity thanks to the arnica which soothes all problems caused by accidental episodes involving muscles, tendons and joints. Eucalyptus, rosemary and fennel are excellent painkillers with local relaxing action. Juniper, copaiba and thyme tone and strengthen tired muscles helping them to relax; sesame oil reactivates local circulation and favours the drainage of toxic substances blocked in muscles and joints. This Treatment includes - Deep tissue Back massage, Osmatic mud or Black mud and treatment Balm.

45mins £50.00

Add a Sauna to Boost/Enhance your treatment for £8.00

Luxury Lakshmi Udara - Flat abdomen treatment

Is your weight perfect but your stomach is not as flat as you would like? Does your bloated stomach alter your slim and slender silhouette?
Are your stomach muscles slack? Do you suffer from irritable colon? Do you suffer from back ache? Is your posture wrong? Do you stick your stomach out? Do you “eat air”? Do you have localised “fat cushions”?


Stomach and waistline imperfections are visibly reduced. Skin is toned and elastic. After just a few sessions the abdomen is flatter and shaped and the skin is smoother, toned and compact.

30mins £35


Add a Sauna/Wrap to Boost/Enhance your treatment for £8.00

Luxury LaKshmi Spa Fresh Legs Crio Gamathi

Lakshmi’s Crio Gamathi is a professional treatment and a line of specific cosmetic products for heavy and tired legs; it eliminates the sense of swelling, heaviness and tiredness.
The treatment provides a prolonged feeling of wellbeing and natural freshness; it stimulates blood circulation and favours drainage leaving legs feeling light and fresh. This line of products is innovative and extremely effective thanks to precious vegetable extracts such as melilotus, pineapple and butcher’s broom which are integrated with active principles such as caffeine and essential oils of mint, immortelle and cypress. This line has a threefold effect which, combined with the cryogenic and decongestant effect, reduces the heavy leg feeling and swelling of legs with capillary fragility.

45mins £40.00

Add a Sauna/Wrap to Boost/Enhance your treatment for £8.00

Luxury LaKshmi Spa Detox Garshan Dren

Fight the imperfections caused by water retention and bad circulation and fight edematous cellulite with Lakshmi’s Garshan Dren treatment.
Draining and detoxifying treatment that favours the elimination of fluids and the removal of waste from tissues thanks to ivy, horse chestnut, seaweed, aloe vera and capsicum vegetable extracts and orange, eucalyptus, lemon, ginger, juniper and lavender essential oils. Garshan Dren offers much more thanks to the extraordinary PhytoBioactive active principles derived from the Porphyridium cruentum microalga, which improve the heavy leg syndrome, and from a protein that will be the basis for a new generation of slimming cosmetics thanks to its capacity to reduce the hypertrophy and hyperplasia of adipose tissue. This Treatment includes - Silk Glove Micro - exfoliation, Full Body massage, ultra draining vials, Osmatic mud application and treatment lotion.

60min £70.00

Add a Sauna/Wrap to Boost/Enhance your treatment for £8.00

Luxury Lakshmi Spa Sculpting Garshan Slim

Alga Gelidium Cartilagineum, Caffeine, Centella asiatica and essential oils such as Cinnamon, Orange, etc. fight localised adiposity, breakdown the fat in adipose cells and fight hard cellulite (Vata).
Only a precise combination of treatments together with a correct lifestyle can lead to lasting and satisfying results.
Lakshmi recommends the Garshan Slim treatment to fight and reduce localised adiposity, with an exceptional slimming effect: liposhock effect. This Treatment includes - Silk Glove Micro - exfoliation, Full Body massage, Osmatic mud application and treatment lotion.


Shaped silhouette and a significant reduction of localised adiposity.
Aesthetic and cosmetic liposculpture that reduces excess volumes thanks to completely natural products with a high concentration of active principles, which act in synergy and have extraordinary slimming and smoothing properties.
Amongst these, the exclusive Alga Gelidium Cartilagineum vegetable extract complex with a truly reducing and shaping action; a powerful ally in the fight against the formation of new adipose tissue. 

This Treatment includes - Silk Glove Micro - exfoliation, Full Body massage, thermodynamic viales, thermodynamic red mud application and treatment lotion.

60mins £70.00

Add a Sauna to Boost/Enhance your treatment for £8.00

Luxury LaKshmi Spa Body Scrub Garshan Tonic

Stimulate lipolysis and the burning of fats, favour drainage and oxygenation. Reduce imperfections caused by cellulite, improve tissue tone and elasticity…..this is possible with Lakshmi’s Garshan Tonic! A synergy of vegetable extracts that act at different levels to tone and improve tissue elasticity and strengthen the tone and protein network of elastin and collagen, thanks to a natural active principle extracted from pisum sativum. Favour the burning of fats thanks to extracts of garcinia cambogia with a reducing and toning action. Stimulate and tone thanks to mate extract, rich in methylxanthines, caffeine, teophylline and theobromine. Reduce the size of the nodules thanks to the guarana. Carry out an antioxidant action and nourish and oxygenate tissues thanks to the coffee polyphenols and rice oil. Protect the veins and carry out a draining and detoxifying action thanks to centella and dandelion. This Treatment includes - Silk Glove Micro - exfoliation, Saline scrub, Full Body massage, Iperactivating Vials, Firming mud application and treatment lotion.

60mins £70.00

Add a Saun/Wrap to Boost/Enhance your treatment for £8.00